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**Monthly meetings are typically held on the first Thursday of each month at the Brookline Fire Station, 4 Bond Street, Brookline NH 03033-2514.**

**Support the Republican Party by visiting eStampede.**

**The Brookline-Mason GOP wishes everyone a safe and happy Independence Day. Enjoy a local fireworks display.**

**New members always welcome, please feel free to attend our next meeting.**

**When calling us from a cell phone, you must first dial (305) 848-8288 and then follow the instructions. Details on this glitch can be found here.

**An email list is being put together to notify people of upcoming meetings and major events pertaining to the Brookline-Mason Republican Committee. If you are a republican, or know people who are republicans, please email the webmaster so you can be added to our email list. Please also note: Your email address will be handled as private and confidential information and will never be sold or redistributed to third parties.**

Upcoming Meetings and Speakers

The next upcoming meetings are: Mar. 5, 2015, Apr. 2, 2015, May 7, 2015, Jun. 4, 2015, Jul 2, 2015, Aug. 6, 2015, Sep. 3, 2015, Oct. 1, 2015, Nov. 5, 2015, and Dec. 3, 2015.

Brookline-Mason GOP usually meets on the first Thursday of each month.

News Updates and Past Meetings

Jan 8. 2015: Brookline Police Chief William Quigley and NH State Senator Kevin Avard

Dec. 4, 2014:

Nov. 6, 2014:

Oct. 2, 2014:

Sep. 4, 2014:

Aug. 7, 2014:

Jul. 10, 2014:

Jun. 5, 2014:

May 1 2014:

Apr. 3, 2014:

Feb. 6, 2014: NH State Representative John Hikel (Hillsborough District 6) & Mr. Gus Breton. New Hampshire Redress - Can Article 31 be use to hold Legislators accountable to their Oaths of Office? Click link for Detailed Announcement

Jan. 8, 2014: Discussed Brookline Budget Issues for upcoming town and school district meetings: Brookline Town budget issues, Brookline School District budget issues, and Hollis Brookline Cooperative budget issues. Mason members were welcome to attend, although this meeting was focused on Brookline specific budget issues.

Dec. 5, 2013: Speaker: NH State Rep. Jane Cormier of Alton (Belknap County District 8) and Doris Hohensee of Nashua, who was a 2012 candidate for NH State Rep (Hillsborough County District 30).  Jane and Doris spoke about the startling real truths regarding "Common Core in New Hampshire Schools".  Related websites are NH Familes for Education and Truth in American Education.

Nov. 7, 2013:  Ken Eyring of Windham and NH State Rep. Jane Cormier of Alton (Belknap County District 8).  Ken and Jane spoke on Granite State Future, Sustainable Development, and the NH Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs).  His presentation can be viewed online here or here.

Oct. 3, 2013: Ed Naile of Deering.  As an expert, Ed spoke on voter-fraud in NH, a tactic used by the Democrats to change election outcomes.  His website can be viewed here.

Sep. 2013: Discussed issues being debated in the NH Legislature as well as discussion of Republican candidates for local, state, and national races in 2014.  There was also a discussion for plans for Mason Old Home Days on Sep. 22.

Aug. 8, 2013: Election of 2014 Officers

Jul. 11, 2013: Prospective Candidates for State Representative District 26 and Senate Candidates for District 12

Jun. 12, 2013: Discussion of local economic issues with Loren Spivack, the "Free Market Warrior", presentation of Mr. Spivack's book "The New Democrat", election of BMRC members

Apr. 7, 2011: Hollis/Brookline/Mason State House Representatives, State Senator (District 12)

Mar. 2, 2011: Discussion of local state issues. Jack Flanagan was present.

Feb. 3, 2011: Discussion with member from Coop Budget Committee. Discussion with Jack Flanagan about local concerns.

Jan. 6, 2011: Discussion of issues with State Representatives.  Election of 2011 Committee officers. Discussion with Jack Flanagan about state and local concerns.

Dec. 2, 2010: Discussion of issues with State Representatives and State Senator. There were no speakers present.

Nov 4, 2010: Discussion of Republican victory in election and way ahead. There were no speakers present.

Oct 7, 2010: Dick Drisko, Carolyn Gargasz, Jack Flanagan, Jim Luther, Dave Wheeler, Carol Holden

2nd Half of Meeting - Charlie Bass

Sep. 2, 2010: Jim Bender, Joe Reilly, Jim Luther, and Pamela D. Coughlin

Aug. 5, 2010: No Meeting

Jul. 1, 2010: GOP U.S. Senate Candidate, Bill Binnie

Jun. 3, 2010: Candidate for US House of Representatives, District 2, Charlie Bass

May 6, 2010: John Stephen, NH Gubernatorial candidate

Apr. 1, 2010: Discussion of issues with State Representatives and State Senator. There were no speakers present.

Mar. 4, 2010: Organizational meeting for club officers.

Feb. 10, 2010: Grant Bosse, Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, and NH Gubernatorial candidates, Jack Kimball and Karen Testerman

Jan. 7, 2010: Jennifer Horn, GOP candidate for U.S. House of Representatives (press release 1, press release 2)

Dec. 3, 2009: Kelly Ayotte, GOP candidate for U.S. Senate (press release 1, press release 2)

Nov. 5, 2009: Bob Guida, GOP candidate for U.S. House of Representatives (District 2), visits (press release)

Oct. 1, 2009: Ovide Lamontagne, GOP candidate for U.S. Senate, visits (press release) (Cabinet article)

Sep. 3, 2009: Regular meeting, planned for upcoming speakers and events

Aug. 6, 2009: State Senator Peggy Gilmour (D), State Representatives Dick Drisko (R) and Don Ryder (R) visit (press release)

Jul. 2, 2009: B.J. Perry, Field Manager, NH State Republican Committee visits

Jun. 4, 2009: Organizational meeting for Brookline/Mason Republican Committee

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