Calling Instructions:

If you are not successful when dialing our phone number (202-241-3445) then follow the instructions below.

How to reach us by phone -

When calling the Brookline GOP from a cellular telephone, you must first dial (305) 848-8228 in order for the call to be properly transferred. When calling from a land line or other phone which is not a cell phone, simply dial our direct number, (202) 241-3445 and leave a message if we don't answer the phone. Please leave at least your full name and best phone number at which you can be contacted. We will return your call in a timely fashion. As always, all information left with us in any phone or email message will be treated as private and confidential information and will never be sold or redistributed to third parties.

Step by Step Instructions -

  1. Power on your cell phone and move to a location that has a strong signal.
  2. Make sure that your phone is on the home screen at this point. If you are not at the home screen of your cell phone, press the "hang up"/red button.
  3. Then dial (305) 848-8828, press the "go"/green button, and wait for the instructions to come on.
  4. At this point, the instructions will prompt you to enter the 10 (ten) digit destination number.
  5. Quickly enter the number for the Brookline Mason GOP, (202) 241-2445.
  6. If we don't answer, please leave your name and number.
  7. We will return your call in a timely fashion.

Additional Support/Troubleshooting -


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